New Kubota Fuel Filter With O-Rings B3030 B7400 B7410 B7500 B7510

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This is a Brand New KUMAR BROS USA Fuel Filter for KUBOTA Our Part# KBFL02[E]FF Directly replaces Kubota Part # 6A320-59930 Comes With O-rings Applications Suitable For : KUBOTA B SERIES: B2301HSD, B2320DT, B2320DTN(-1), B2320DTWO, B2320HSDN, B2410HSD, B2410HSDB, B2410HSE, B26, B2601HSD, B2630HSD, B2650HSD, B2650HSDC, B2710HSD, B2910HSD, B3030HSD, B3030HSDC, B3200HSD, B3200HSDWO, B3300SUHSD, B3350HSD, B3350HSDC, B3350SUHSD, B7500DTN, B7510DN, B7610HSD, B7800HSD, B2320HSD, B2620HSD, B2920HSD, B3000HSDC, B3000HSDCC, B3030HSDCC, B7400HSD, B7410D, B7500D, B7500HSD, B7510D, B7510HSD, B7510HSDTR KUBOTA L SERIES: L2501D, L2501F, L2501H, L2800DT/HST, L2800F, L3200DT, L3200H, L3400DT/HST, L3400F, L3800DT, L3800H, L3200F, L3700SU, L3800F KUBOTA M SERIES: M5640SU, M5640SUD/SUD-1 KUBOTA RTV SERIES: RTV900G, RTV900G6, RTV900R6, RTV900R-SD/R-SDL, RTV900T, RTV900T5-H/T2, RTV900T6, RTV900W, RTV900W6, RTV900W6SE, RTV900W8SE, RTV-X1100CR, RTV-X1100CW, RTV-X1120DR, RTV-X1120DW, RTV-X1140R, RTV-X1140W, RTV-X900G, RTV-X900R, RTV-X900W