Pennzoil 550022800-12Pk 5W-30 Motor Oil - 1 Quart

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  • Pennzoil motor oil is suitable for passenger cars, light-duty trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles; Pennzoil SAE motor oil meets or exceeds the demanding requirements of international lubricant standardization and approval committee GF-5

  • Cleans out up to 40 percent of engine sludge in the first oil change; continues to clean in the second oil change also

  • Helps clean up engines by gently lifting sludge deposits off engine surfaces and dissolving them safely into the oil

  • Controls high-temperature oxidation and deposits

  • Provides proven wear protection

  • Conventional motor oil provides standard engine lubrication and protection

  • Motor oil weight: SAE 5W-30

  • Helps achieve a cleaner and more repsonsive engine

  • Backed by the Pennzoil lubrication limited warranty

  • Meets or exceeds industry specifications

  • Size : 1 Quart (32 Ounce), (Pack of 12)

Pennzoil motor oil is a traditional oil base, fortified with Active Cleansing Agents to continuously prevent dirt and contaminants from turning into performance-robbing deposits, helping to keep your engine clean and responsive. In fact, Pennzoil motor oil cleans out up to 40% of sludge in the first oil change and keeps cleaning all the way to your next oil change. And it's backed by the Pennzoil lubrication limited warranty.