Pennzoil 550045218 5 Quart 5W-30 High Mileage Motor Oil (Sn Jug)

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  • Conventional motor oil compatible with most vehicles

  • Helps prevent sludge and other damaging deposits

  • Helps clean up engines by gently lifting sludge deposits off engine surfaces and dissolving them safely into the oil

  • Keep your engine clean and responsive

  • Designed for vehicles over 75,000 miles

  • Size : 5 Quart

Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle Motor Oil is a multigrid common weight (viscosity grade) oil for use in gasoline engines in a variety of SUVs, light vans and trucks, and passenger cars with more than 75,000 miles. The advanced formula helps prevent sludge build-up, provides overall lubrication and wear protection, and increases gas mileage in comparison to conventional oils. It also is specially formulated to help stop leaks from seals and reduced oil consumption in worn engines.