1958-1961 Type 1 Bug (Beetle) Complete Body Restoration Rubber Kit

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  • Includes All Parts Shown In Illustration

  • Includes License Light, Tail Light, Turn Signal, & Headlight Seals

  • Fender Beading For All 4 Fenders

  • Hood & Deck Seal

  • Hood Handle & Deck Latch Seals, & Bumper Grommets

  • Color : Black

Our 1958-1961 TYPE 1 BUG (BEETLE) COMPLETE BODY RESTORATION RUBBER KIT takes the guesswork out of rounding up the body rubber for your beetle restoration project. Kit includes Fender Beading for all 4 fenders, hood seal, rear deck seal, front turn signal seals, tail light housing seals, license light seal, deck lid latch seal, bumper bracket grommets, and headlight lens and headlight assembly gaskets.