Alla Lighting Py20D H10 9145 Led Fog Lights Bulbs Xtreme Super Bright 9145 Led Bulb 80W High Power Osram Chipsets Led 9145 Bulbs 12V 9140 9045 9145 H10 Led Fog Light Bulbs Replacement, 6K Xenon White

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  • (Set of 2)About 1600 lumens per H10 9145 LED fog lights bulb, total 3200 lumens for both H10 9145 LED bulbs; each 9145 LED bulb includes 16 pieces high power Osram 5W CREE chips.

  • Plug-n-Play for most vehicles,easy installation. 360 full angles light output with projector lens for the best light output.

  • Working Power: 8.5W, not 80W; Application: Especially designed for upgrading the stock halogen / incandescent H10 9145 fog lights lamps replacement for much more brightness and safer driving at rainy, fogy, or snowy days.

  • Color: 6000K xenon white; Powered by Advanced Bright LED Circuitry Technology;Working Voltage: 12 V - 24V

  • Warranty: fully ONE YEAR guaranteed for the manufacturer defect of any Alla Lighting 9145 H10 LED fog light bulbs. Fits PY20D wedge, Cross reference number: H10, 9145, 9140, 9040, 9155, 9045, etc.

  • Color : 6000K Xenon White

  • Size : PY20D

This listing features one pair (2 pieces) super extremely bright high power 80W Osram H10/9145 LED Fog Lights Bulbs especially designed for replacing fog light,or daytime running light (DRL) or corner light.


1) Package: including 2 pieces extremely super bright 80W 6000K xenon white H10 9145 LED fog light bulbs.

2) LED Chips: 16 pieces high power 5W osram chipsets per led bulb.

3) Cross Reference Number:

PY20D H10 9145 9045 9040 9140 9155, etc.

4) Application:

Fog Light, or Daytime Running Light DRL or Corner Light. Plz note this bulb has no high/low beam function, it can't be used high/low beam headlight.

5) Warranty: 12 months guaranteed on manufacturer quality

6) Please note: Due to led bulbs draw much less current than stock lamp, this bulb can work most cars without flicking or error code, but for some newest type or Japanese/European cars, it may require load resistor to avoid hyper flash or malfunction.