Bbr Tuning Pro Series 2Stroke/4Stroke Motorized Bicycle Performance Spring Idler Pulley Gas Bike Chain Idler Pulley Upgrade

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  • NO ADJUSTMENTS NEEDED: The BBR Tuning Pro Series Performance Spring Idler Pulley features a heavy duty spring to keep constant chain tension. No longer do you have to keep adjusting your idler to compensate for your chain stretching out.

  • HEAVY DUTY DUAL SUPPORT: With dual rollers your chain is locked in place offering better alignment and constant tension. The bracket is thicker steel and a more sturdy design so that your chain is less stressed and can drastically extend the life of your chain.

  • EASY INSTALATION: Just unbolt and remove your older idler pulley and bolt your new. No adjusting tension as the spring will keep it perfectly adjusted every time.

  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Compatible with 415 heavy duty bicycle engine chains, regular and spring chain tensioner. Works for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke motorized bicycle engines and most standard city bikes, cruisers bikes, beach cruisers, mountain bikes and road bikes.

  • INCLUDED COMPONENTS: 1x BBR Tuning PRO Series Spring Idler Pulley, 1x Mounting Hardware

The BBR Tuning PRO SERIES Spring Idler Pully has been upgraded for better alignment and tension. With an additional idler pully wheel your engine chain tension will stay consistent while offering better alignment than your stock idler. As with all of our performance idler pullies, this idler will reduce stress on the chain and keep a consistent tension through any ride. Compatible with all 2-stroke 48cc/50cc/66cc/80cc engine kits as well as 4-stroke 50cc engine kits, the PRO SERIES idler will have you riding like a champ without a worry on your mind