Evannex Headliner Coat Hooks For Tesla Model S (W/ Pano Or Glass Roof)

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  • No tools, adhesives, or drilling are required to install these Tesla Model S coat hooks.

  • Made of black high strength ABS plastic.

  • Convenient Coat Hook solution; Easy to remove.

  • You will receive a pair of Coat Hooks with your order.

  • Coat Hooks are available only for Tesla Model S vehicles that have a panoramic roof or all-glass roof. Coat Hooks are not designed to hold more than four pounds.

  • Color : Black

Description: If you've ever wanted a convenient place to hang your shirt, blouse, slacks, sports jacket or even your dry cleaning, these coat hooks can accomplish the job. You'll receive this set of two simple, strong, and inconspicuous black abs plastic coat hooks that will attach to both the driver and passenger sides of the rear seat area. Easy-to-install (and quickly remove), these coat hooks require no drilling or adhesives to provide a functional and sleek solution. Coat Hooks have been designed to attach to roof configurations including panoramic roof or all-glass roof. Coat Hooks are not compatible with the standard, solid body color roof. All Tesla Model S deliveries (including those with pano roofs) after May 2015 have a slightly different headliner that must be slightly modified if Coat Hooks are to fit properly.
Note: Installation instructions are included. Made by EVANNEX