Go Kart Drive Belt 30 Series Replaces Manco 5959 / Comet 203589

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  • High quality- no freys cracks or tears.

  • The go-kart drive belt used on most Manco, American Sportworks and Ken-bar Karts with 5hp-7hp engines.

  • Also used on the Comet TAV2 bolt on torque-a-verter kit.

  • Width: 0.75 inch, Length: 27 1/32 inch center to center spacing for the driver and driven

  • Pulley needs to be between 6 5/8 inch and 6 11/16 inch Center Distance (measured from the center of the clutch to the center of the driven pulley)

100% Brand New, never been used
Professional Installation is Highly Recommended (No Instruction Included).

Package includes:
1X Go Kart Drive Belt
Just as pictures show

Fit for most Manco,American Sportworks and Ken-bar karts with 5hp-7hp engines,also used on the Comet TAV2 bolt on torque-a-verter kit.
203589- common Manco belt part# 5959

How to Select the Correct Comet Belt?
1.Determine the Series Type
2.Measure the Outer Diameter (O.D.) of the driven pulley on the jackshaft.
3.Measure the Center Distance (C.D.); which is the exact distance between the center of the engine crankshaft and the center of the jackshaft. Must be precise.
4.Use the two measurements; the driven pulley outer diameter and center distance measurement to determine the correct belt part number from the relevant chart below.
Should your machine's center distance fall between the center distance (C.D.) settings listed here, select from the two belts the one with the larger outside circumference (O.C.) for best wear and to avoid machine creep during idling.