Halopro 9006 Hb4 12V 55W 4300K Yellow Halogen Bulb Halogen Headlight Low Beam Bulbs,For Chevrolet/Gmcpcs

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  • SUPER BRIGHT: The 55W headlight bulb emits Yellow white light with 4300K color temperature.

  • VERSATILE: These bulbs can be used for car or motorcycle based on the model of headlight

  • DURABLE: The bulb adopts special filament to make it more durable.

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Simply insert and replace original headlight bulbs. Careful hot if the bulbs were lit.

  • Proprietary filament design to increase performance and ensure durability;More downroad performance than basic bulbs

  • Color : 9006 HB4

HaloPro - Halogen Professional !
Ultra series: HaloPro Ultra Bright Halogen is Brighter than HaloPro Basic & High Performance Bulb, DOT Compliant, Much Brighter than Stock Halogen, Longer Lifespan, More Stable!

* Longer lifetime - with 20000 hours life expectancy.
* Brighter - Stock bulbs are dimmer, ours are brighter, which creates better visibility and brightness.
* Stable: Manufactured in approved facilities for durability and quality.
* Application: Headlight Low Beam
(please make sure this is the correct application type of bulb before purchase)

* Brand: HaloPro
* Bulb Type: Ultra Bright Halogen
* Bulb Color: Light Blue
* Light colour:4000k Yellow
* Socket Type:9006 HB4
* Voltage: 12V
* Power:55W
* Package Included: 2pcs x HaloPro Ultra Bright Halogen Bulb

- Take bulbs out along with socket.
- Check to make sure new bulbs have identical shape and prongs as stock bulbs.
- Put in new bulbs into socket carefully, make sure the prongs are matching with insertion holes.
- Put installed new bulbs along with socket back into your lights.
- Please do NOT touch the glass surface of the bulbs with any skin, the grease may shorten the life the bulbs.
- NOTE:These are gas filled halogen bulbs, please do NOT mistake these as HIDs.
NOTE:These are gas filled halogen bulbs, please do NOT mistake these as HIDs.