Kust Cw1905W Car Armrest Storage Box,Tool Organizer Fit For Honda 2015 2016 Crv Piece Black Small Parts Organizer Box Central Console Armrest

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  • Kust Car Armrest Storage Box Tool Organizer Only Fit for Special Vehicle as Part-finder Tool Shown (for Honda 2015 2016 CRV).

  • Please Check Your Car to Avoid Buying Wrong Product Not For Fitment Chart, Make Sure It Fit For Your Vehicle.

  • Environmental ABS Plastic Material, Black Color with Flocked Fabric Design,to Care Your Armrest Box More Meticulously.

  • Easy 5-minutes Installation by Installed Instructive Picture,And We Advise To Gain A More Professional Installation By Local Vehicle Maintenance.

  • 100% Brand New 1 Piece of ABS Armrest Storage Box In Our Package Transported To You.Why Not Purchase One To Light Your Decorative Car?

  • Color : P-1905-B02

Tray insert for Central Armrest Storage-Honda 2015 2016 CRV
If you are looking for a conveniently located storage place that is hidden from preying eyes you should look into our custom tray insert. It allows you to easily store your phone, valuables or other compact items while having immediate access to them. Our custom insert integrates with your existing armrest box and seamlessly enhances its ergonomics, usability and appearance. Simply drop the insert in the armrest box and enjoy this convenient additional storage. Our insert is made from OEM-quality heavy duty plastic and is lined with thick soft rubber to cushion your valuables and electronics from vibration.
Features & Details:
? Our bespoke box packaging contains:
1 piece OEM-quality heavy duty plastic armrest box tray insert, 2 thick rubber mats to cushion your valuables and electronics from vibration
? Installation:
Important Note: The installation of this armrest box storage insert DOES NOT require any alteration of the original equipment. There is NO drilling, cutting or disassembling of current vehicle equipment involved in the installation process.
Installation Time: approximately 10 seconds C simply place the tray insert inside the armrest storage box and enjoy the additional storage space
Difficulty Level: Easy
Tools Required: None