Leather Refinish An Aid To Color Restorer 1 Ounce Tester Or Small Repair Bottle (Dark Brown) (Leather Repair) (Vinyl Repair)

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  • Great for testing out color match or Small Repair with these 1 ounce test bottles

  • Easy water clean up

  • Will not rub off on clothing

  • ALL Monitors are different look closely for your color match (If a color doesn't look right, say the Brown or Black on your monitor looks off, THINK about the match)


  • Color : Dark Brown

  • Size : 1 Ounces

From Quick Company, The Original Leather Refinish and Color Restorer. Looks and feels like the original finish. This product is water soluble until it dries completely, which means... clean up is easy. will not rub off on clothing. waterproof. non-toxic. Because refinishing leather professionally is expensive the majority of our customers were looking to buy a product and do it themselves. Leather coats, purses, handbags, furniture and car seats all can be done now, by you. 1. Choose the color of Leather Refinish Color Restorer from the pictures here. (Not sure you can buy a 1 Ounce tester bottle from our store here) 2. Use Leather Refinish Color Restorer Cleaner Conditioner to thoroughly clean and prepare the surface for coloring. 3. Use the applicator to evenly apply Leather Refinish Color Restorer to the item you are refinishing and restoring color to. For Large Sofas you may need as much as 3 Jars for full coverage, available in single Jars or in the NEW Squeeze it on 8 Ounce Bottle from our store. All our products come with full instructions and YouTube links for information on how to apply. Please Email us with any questions..