Motor Trend Mt-923-Bk Flextough Contour Liners - Deep Dish Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats For Car Suv Truck &Amp; Van - All Weather Protection (Black)

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  • Built for durability - thick, heavy duty mats and liners - flexible for floor contours, tough for all weather

  • Inverted shell design - deep dish w/ engineered channels traps all water, snow, Mud and debris for easy removal

  • 100% odorless rubber ( eco friendly)

  • Front mats: 31.5 L x 22.5 w, rear liner: 58 L x 18 w

  • Semi-custom fits - trim to fit

  • Color : Black

Flexible and Tough - Flex Tough Tortoise series mats are designed to provide maximum protection. The uniquely constructed linear and diagonal ridges are placed strategically to maximize the dirt trapping capabilities of the mat. Made from only the highest quality polymers, Motor Trend Mats are Odorless and Non-Toxic. Trim able for Extra Customization. Deep Inverted Shell Design. No slip nibbed backing