Orion Motor Tech Diesel Transfer Pump Kit 12V Volt Dc Fuel Self Priming Oil 45L/Min W/Hose

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  • Featuring extra-thick copper wires, the 175W 3600rpm premium motor is made to last with minimal errors, significantly improving heat dissipation performance to lengthen service life, transfers fuel up to 45L/12Gal. per minute

  • Self-priming, rotating vane pump with an on/off switch and an inner bypass valve, able to lift oil up to 32 ft. of height

  • Orion Motor Tech's latest self-priming oil pump features a moutable base while providing great portability, wires wrapped with premium rubber for superior durability safety

  • The impeller is made of cast steel for durability, combined with the sturdy copper motor, provides stable performance while delivering unparalleled suction power

  • Compatible with diesel, machine oil and transformer oil; non-return valve available to prevent oil flowing back for improved efficiency

Please note this pump is NOT suitable for Petrol and engine oil.

- Power supply: 12V DC
- Power output: 175W
- Speed: 3600R/min
- Max flow capacity: 45L/min
- Max pressure: 0.29 MPa, 3 bar, 42 PSI
- Output Flowing: 45L/min
- Maximum Suction: 16.4ft/5m
- Maximum Lift: 32.8ft/10m
- Cable Length: 5.2ft/1.6m
- Self-Priming: yes
- Inlet Diametre: 25mm
- Outlet Diametre: 25mm