Pretty Rugs Gift Pack - Matching Flowers Design - Black Carpet Floor Mats W/Synthetic Leather Grip Steering Wheel Cover

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  • Designer Auto Mat - Designed to Keep Your Style in Mind

  • Delicate Finish - The Purple Flowers are Embedded into the Plush Black Carpeting and are Made to Endure Stress

  • Built for Protection - Guard Against Any Weather Conditions, Spills, or Debris

  • Full Protection - Set of 4 Mats for Full Coverage and a Steering Wheel Cover for Heat and Cold

  • Universal Dimensions - Front: 27 x 17 Rear: 17 x 13 ; Steering Wheels (14.5 - 15.5 inch); Made to Fit Your Car; Please Check Measurements Before Installation

  • Color : Flower Line

  • Size : Gift Pack

Instantly customize your car, truck, van or SUV with our new Purple Flowers Design. The plush carpet, made of premium Nylon along with non-fading character patch, is soft to the touch and built to last. Engineered to endure pressure and rough handling. Designed for aesthetics and comfort. Personalize your vehicle with the gorgeous purple flower floor mat and a matching floral steering wheel cover. Bring the colors in your vehicle to life with these full 4-set universally fitting mats. All the floor mats are made from premium quality carpet (0.7 Thick) and rubberized backing for a strong grip.

BDK: Superior Quality - Premium Material - Fresh Design