Universal Oil Filter Magnet Protect Our Performance Engine Fits: Most Cars And Trucks

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Arrives in 3-7 Business Days

  • Fits Most US and Foreign Vehicles.

  • Magnets are Ceramic type with a pull rating of 65 pounds.

  • Use Over and Over just swap to your New Filter during the Oil Change.

  • Cheap added Engine Protection.

  • Chrome Plated Case.

Our Oil Filtering Magnet attracts even the tiniest particles that will cause wear & bearing damage over time. Before these particles can affect the rest of your engine, they are stuck to the bottom of your oil filter.

During each oil change, simply transfer the filter magnet to your new filter for thousands more miles of protection. You can also install the filter magnet on your steel oil pan next to the drain plug and remove before starting your oil change to allow all the caught engine damaging metal particles to be flushed out with the oil change then just place back on after the oil change is complete.

These filter magnets are made in the U.S. and measures 2.5 in diameter by 3/8 thick they are flat on the bottom (if your oil filter is not completely flat, just add double sided foam tape to the edges to prevent the filter magnet from rocking on the filter). They weigh in just under 6 ounces and trust us they are STRONG. Each filter magnet is housed in a chrome plated case.

The filter magnets are ceramic type magnets with a full pull test rating of 65 pounds.