Viper Vsm300 Smartstart Module - Start Or Control Your Car From Virtually Anywhere With Your Smartphone

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  • SmartStart Module for Apple/Android Smartphone/Smartwatch

  • Remote Start

  • Compatible with Siri and Google Voice commands

Connect with your car by phone or watch and the SmartStart App Viper's VSM300 SmartStart Module lets you use your smartphone or similar device to control the functions of your Viper system from a remote location. Connected via the Cloud and the Viper SmartStart App downloaded to your device, you can lock and unlock your doors, pop the trunk, or start a car equipped with a compatible Viper remote start system. If your device has internet service, you can communicate with your car and control many of its functions remotely, even if you're hundreds of miles away. The VSM300 uses Verizon CDMA/3Ginternet technology to communicate with the Cloud, giving you wide national coverage, fast response times, and low power consumption anywhere in the United States (no service in Canada). The Viper SmartStart Secure service plan First, you'll need to purchase a 1- or 3-year subscription to Viper's SmartStart Secure service plan in order to take advantage of the features SmartStart has to offer. The plan's most valuable and reassuring feature is membership in the Viper Motor Club, which entitles you to roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year; a great feature if you need towing, a new battery, or a tire. Vehicle status reports For your peace of mind, the SmartStart app includes a Vehicle Status screen that shows you whether your car's locked, armed, running, or has a door open, for instance. If anything disturbs your car's security system, SmartStart will send an alert to your phone and a text message with the details of the occurrence. Every time you use your phone to lock your car, the SmartPark feature remembers where you parked. To return, you press Find My Car and SmartPark shows you a map to your car accompanied by any helpful notes or photos you stored there.