Wagan In9530 Heated Shiatsu Massage Belt

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  • Powerful Motors: 2 heated shiatsu massage motor heads located at the top middle of the massage belt (polyester)

  • Massage Nodes: Twin rollers supply a total of 4 acupressure massage nodes to release muscle tension and relax your body

  • Intuitive Controller: Remote controller located right on the side: select on/off for heat, power it on, select which direction for the motors to rotate

  • Durable Straps: Each side of the belt has built-in padded arm straps for comfort and convenience while the massage belt is in use

  • DC and AC adapters: Can be used in the home, office, passenger or rear seat of vehicle, etc

Why pay a high hourly rate for a massage therapist when you can pay just a modest one time fee and continue to enjoy the pleasure of shiatsu massages anytime you want without scheduling an appointment?

The Wagan HealthMate Heated Shiatsu Massage Belt IN9530 lets you enjoy a powerful shiatsu massage on multiple parts of your body so you feel reenergized - without paying a massage therapist an hourly rate every time you want to experience relaxation and bliss.

It features 2 powerful shiatsu massage motors and adjustable settings for heat and rotation direction. Use this heated massage belt on your shoulders, upper/lower back, or anywhere else your muscles feel tense, and recover from a stressful day and relax.

Heated Shiatsu Massage Belt delivers a warm deep kneading massage that helps alleviate tight and sore muscles, improve circulation, and relieve tension.

The Heated Shiatsu Massage Belt is easy to use: just plug it in with the included AC or DC adapter, place it on your body in the desired location and turn the power on and begin to enjoy the comfortable massaging motion produced by the Heated Shiatsu Massage Belt. Use the built-in padded arm straps to keep your arms comfortable and cozy, especially when used for an extended period of time. The heated shiatsu massage belt's cover is made out of polyester and the foam material is polyurethane. The Heated Shiatsu Massage Belt feels light as it rests on your shoulders.

The controller is located on the left arm's strap for quick and convenient access. Its 3 buttons allow you to turn on the power and select the heat option and direction of the shiatsu massage. If heat is enabled, the massage heads will glow red as indicator lights. A removable sleeve is also included.

The Heated Shiatsu Massage Belt EL9530 can be used at home, office, hotel room, passenger or rear seat of vehicle, etc. For safety reasons, it is not recommended for use by the driver in a vehicle.