Wjb Wb5707 Wb5707-Rear Wheel Cylindrical Roller Bearing-Cross Reference: National Timken 5707 / Skf R1563-Tav

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  • Reduced noise for smoother performance

  • All bearings engineered and tested to OE specifications

  • WJB bearings are easy to install and require minimal maintenance

  • With an extensive inventory and maximum application coverage

  • Improved seal design keeps contamination out for longer bearing life

Please read this: 1. Before installation, Refer to a repair manual for your particular vehicle; 2. Never use air tools to remove or replace the axle nut; 3. Always replace axle nut with a new nut; 4. Clean All mating services; 5. torque axle nut to manufacture's specifications; 6. Do not use an impact wrench to torque axle nut